“CUBE” – a business center created for people who value practicality.
For their stable ideas and the ability to operate.
Convenient location for the commute of local residents and city guests
Lots of natural lighting
Modern, comfortable and universal Scandinavian DNR interior
Individual structure according to your preference
Power-saving LED lighting
Kalnieciu Park right next to the business center – a resting oasis or your office in the open area
Closed parking with a car plate reading system
Showers and dressing rooms
“CUBE” Business Center

“CUBE” is a business center located on Savanoriu av., 231 C, Kaunas, Lithuania. An 8 storey building with a floor area of 4936 m2 in total, unique in modern and universal architecture designed by architect G. Natkevičius. The building is shaped as a cube, and is “above the ground” – 5.5 m high columns hold the construction in the air, making room for a depositary and an ergonomic 2 storey parking lot that is capable of fitting 165 cars and 18 bikes.

A design solution like this is practical and functional – all of the offices are higher from the ground, including even the ones on the first floor. They get a lot of natural lighting, and are also provided with a harmonious view of the Kalnieciu Park.

Even though the exterior of “CUBE” is designed in a contemporary and urbanist style, its interior is made with cozy and universal Scandinavian aesthetics in mind – a lot of natural and qualitative wood, concrete materials and calm earthly colors. The building also has a spacious lobby, which extends to the second floor, and three high-speed elevators.

Property developer

Mikrovisata” started its‘ activities in the field of telecommunication in 1991. Now the group consists of 4 companies, and its’ revenuesexceeded 93 M  EUR in 2016.

 “Mikrovisatos valda (property/estate)” is one of those 4 owned companies, engaged in real estate development. It is now administrating and renting out more than 10 000 m2 of premises used for commercial purposes. Among them one of the latest projects is “Mikrovisata” business center at Savanoriu av. 109 in Kaunas, opened in 2015. The company is currently working on a new project – a business center, called “CUBE”.  

PLLC “Mikrovisata” is an ethical and humanistic company, which has based its 25 years of operation on its weighty and clear values and beliefs.


Business center „CUBE“ is aware of environmental issues and therefore, it is proud to be socially responsible. The electricity we use in the business center is taken from renewable energy sources (RES).